• Wifi, Sushi & Sunshine at Shimmy Beach

    Yesterday I enjoyed an impromtu Valentines Day lunch with some of my girlfriends at Shimmy Beach Club.

    This was my first day time visit to Shimmy, having only been there at night for various events.

    I also saw a whole new side to this beach club, people lounging around the pool, enjoying the sunshine, getting a tan and eating lunch.

    Shimmy beach club has now also introduced complimentary WIFI, something that had been lacking for a while.

    Yesterday was also the first time that I’ve sat down for a meal at Shimmy, and found their menu to cater for a variety of dietary requirements.

    For lunch, I tried their Carb free Sushi made with Cauli Rice, and was pleasantly surprised. The cauliflower rice added a new flavor to my meal and gave it an extra bit of yumminess.

    I was in heaven, my favorite meal, without the carb guilt.

    The carb free option is R12 extra per portion but is totally worth it.

    I can highly recommend their Carb Conscious sushi and give SHIMMY BEACH CLUB a 5GIRAFFE RATING!!!!


    Your Favorite Giraffe


    PS: Thank you Stacy-Robin for being my photographer on Valentines Day