• Portside Fitness: Shipping in Wellness at myUtopia

    Define: Utopia. [Noun] – an imagined place or state of things in which everything is just perfect.

    Think of a studio space that is pleasingly and stylishly appointed, featuring: plants, art, and the calming scent of aromatic burners & tempting fresh coffee. This is where clients can simply arrive, kitted out in their workout gear – without needing to spend time packing, or endure the stress of whatever makes up the contents of their gym bag.

    Having opened in April last year, this concept studio– aptly called myUTOPIA – is the brainchild of health and wellness entrepreneur Sandi Dekker.

    Upon my visit, I tried out two morning yoga classes: the “Wake Up & Flow” and “Power Yoga”, and found the combination really challenging and enjoyable.

    The first of the classes taken, stimulates clients to literally rise and shine through a series of linked (yet slow-paced) movements that are synchronised with breathing; and, the second, provides a dynamic combination of popular (Vinyasa-based) forms of yoga – which the schedule cleverly describes as a “work-in” rather than a  “work-out”.

    Truthfully, I felt the effects of my sessions, in my muscles, for two to three days afterwards!

    Located at the V&A’s Cruise Terminal, where safe free parking is on tap, a sense of freedom and the thrill of international travel is provided by the sight of passing ships and others coming in to moor.

    When you arrive, a myUTOPIA receptionist will greet you warmly (by name!) and you can check in via a handy touchscreen.

    Do not stress if you’ve left anything at home – Sandi’s team have thought of absolutely everything. You’ll receive a lock for your changeroom locker, a workout towel, sweat cloth and water bottle, the latter of which can be topped up when needed from a just-refilled cooler.

    I’d advise that you select and book your class before arriving – check out their schedule and class descriptions here [http://myutopia.co.za/schedule/], or download the myUTOPIA app for iOS and Android devices.

    The sky really is the limit here in terms of classes that stretch, tone, lengthen and firm muscles without incurring injury, as well as some ultra high-intensity interval, ballet or boxing sessions. Options include: S.A.L.T; 26 x 60 Hot; Sculpt Yoga; Ballet Rip; Power Yoga; Power Hour HIIT; Pilates; Vinyasa; Restorative Yoga and Meditation; Yin Yoga; Aerial Yoga; and Fly Yoga.

    Your only issue at this port-side gem, would likely only be which session to choose from the buffet of wellness choices, that’ll fit in with the time you have available!

    The pro’s of this gym don’t stop with the work out/in.

    Step inside the change rooms for your shower, and you’ll be hit, once again, by the darling attention to detail. Find anything you need from deodorant, and sanitary wear, to shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair bands, dryers and straighteners too… myUTOPIA has you covered.

    In the class you attend, your yoga mat and towel will be laid out for you, and you’ll benefit from the personal attention that is this brand’s main service to clients. You can even have your hair and/or nails done afterwards, at the Genesis hair salon or beauty bar located within.

    Daughter of the well-known delicatessan owner, Giovanni, has opened a lovely little coffee shop in this space. Gabriella Espisito will keep you fuelled with coffee, and a menu of delicious and healthy bites should you choose to meet a friend for a chit-chat, or settle down to complete a little laptop work.

    Sandi’s mission is clearly to create an oasis within the Cape Town CBD where you can escape for an hour, have a workout, and get showered and ready to tackle whatever the rest of the day (or night) holds. She enthuses: “I want women (and men) to feel empowered when they walk into myUTOPIA. That no matter what their time constraints in a day, we can help them accomplish as much as possible in a short space of time.”

    On the merit of my visit, I recommend this empowering and tailor-made lifestyle boutique for its combination of thought, caring and personal attention – which allows clients to pop in, and emerge looking and feeling so much more together than when they stepped inside.

    Listen for more!

    Hear all about this incredible fresh gem of a boutique gym, which I – Cape Town’s resident fitness enthusiast – got to stretch myself out in, on Cape Talk Radio’s now beloved Fitness Friday program.

    I spilled all the info to Cape Talk radio host Abongile, in the early morning, so listen in!

    What: myUTOPIA Yoga & Pilates Centre
    Where: The Cruise Terminal, V&A Waterfront
    Call: 021 202 2271
    WhatsApp: 079 959 4491
    Web: www.myutopia.co.za
    Social: @myUTOPIA_SA