Yesterday  I spent the morning with the team from Rola Mercedes Benz in Somerset West . I got a chance to see up close why Mercedes-Benz is such a good fit when it comes to be being associated with Fashion Week Cape Town.

    I did the above VLOG post from the front seat of Mercedes-Benz S Class.

    This Mercedes-Benz has a Parktronic program, which allowed me to do my VLOG whilst the car reversed and parked it self. (Please note this was done in a safe controlled environment)

    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is a series of international fashion weeks sponsored by Mercedes-Benz .  Designers featured during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week include notable designers such as  Gavin Rajah, Jenny Le Roux, Craig Port. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks include events in Miami, New York,  Russia,Istanbul, Mexico, Berlin and  Australia.

    To test drive a Mercedes-Benz contact Rola Mercedes-Benz  here. 


    Click here to purchase tickets for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

    See you there,


    -your favorite giraffe