• Best Kept Fitness Find: Merino Wool Gear

    Considering my storied travels around the world, the fun outdoor and endurance challenges I take on with enthusiasm, and the extraordinary circumstances which nature has thrown at me, half of my comfort, survival, and ability to push myself further when traveling, is thanks to excellent high-performance gear.

    I have definite essentials when I am traveling. Whether it be for a sports event, or another Fitcation I want to enjoy. My travel essentials start with durable, and soft fabrics – usually created by Core Merino. Core Merino is a proudly South African brand, which creates high-performance sustainable gear from merino wool.

    Also, during the early stages of the global pandemic, I tested out a selection of fitness face masks, neck warmers, and buffs for my daily Fitness Guide on Kfm 94.5, as well as on 567 CapeTalk Radio. My radio residency as a fitness enthusiast, had listeners tuned in to my reviews of exactly which neck warmers, face masks, and buffs, made for the best choices for utility and comfort. Amid all the options in protective face coverings, from companies like K-WayAllMySportsSA , Ciovita and First Ascent, I found favour in the merino wool selection consistently.


    Merino wool high-performance gear is truly long-lasting in the face of demanding endurance adventures, and the wool fibres are so “renewable”, according to Core Merino.

    Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Merino Wool:

    • It is Odour Free!

    If you aren’t comfortable with the odour coming from the sweat-impregnated fabric of your normal gear, try wool. Merino wool sleepwear (for men and women) currently on sale from Core Merino, for example, is great at keeping odours at bay, even after consecutive days of wear. Fun Fact: Wool, like Merino Wool, is naturally resistant to odour-causing bacteria.

    • Wool is so comfortable.

    No lies people – this type of fabric for your high-performance gear, is itch-free! Forget that one judgement you have of wool, because there is more to it than that. Wool gear from Core Merino, is made from superfine South African Merino wool and it’s guaranteed to be comfortable every time you wear it.

    • Merino Wool has climate control.

    GQ recommends it for being a “hardy option” when the weather gets cold.

    Yes, you read correctly! It is very insulating. This means that when it’s hot, you won’t feel so warm, and when there are cold conditions – including if the fabric is wet – you will actually feel warmer.

    • It lasts for ages.

    Core Merino states that their Merino wool “is almost seven times as durable as cotton”. This means that another benefit of Merino wool gear, is that it does not disintegrate quickly.

    • Merino gear wicks well.

    Vogue writer Humaa Hussain says that “Sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and breathable gear is a must for all temperatures”. Merino wool is the type of fabric that solves those problems of wicking moisture away from the body, as well as keeping your skin dry and free from chafing.

    Ready to give Merino wool a try?

    You need only look at top athletes like Tour de France winner Chris Froome, or Royal Ballet star dancer Eric Underwood, to realise that as far as their high-performance is concerned, merino wool plays an important part. GQ Magazine that the properties and qualities of merino wool, has a positive impact on workouts and performances, especially where “the most gruelling physical and climactic conditions” are concerned. It seems strange that wool would have a place in fitness.

    During one of my first Fitness Friday segments I interviewed Monica Ebert, the International Brand Development Manager at Core Merino. It was fascinating to learn from her that this kind of wool, not only has a place in fitness gear, but has changed the game for high-performance gear everywhere.

    As somebody passionate about conservation, preservation, and the great outdoors, I am always on the look-out for brands that make a concerted effort to protect the environment with their methodology and creativity. Core Merino’s brand emphasizes their commitment to protecting the environment and delivering quality fibred garments. This is a business decision I fully endorse. Merino wool, after all, has been identified as “nature’s technical fibre”.

     I’m not alone in supporting such great environmentally-conscious business endeavours! Even Hollywood star Tom Hardy was spotted by GQ Magazine, sporting a super soft and ultrafine biodegradable merino wool sweater – thereby supporting what is said to be “one of the world’s most sustainable clothes brands”.

    Wondering why you should wear Merino Wool gear?

    Throughout my years of cycling through demanding terrain around the world, sailing the high seas, and even working out on home soil, I have put the Merino wool gear to the test, and it has not failed me. I spent up to 10 days without access to showering facilities while tandem cycling across the Himalayans to earn money for a charitable organization, and had no bad odours to speak of, thanks to the Core Merino gear I was kitted out with.

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