• An Online-shopping error could turn into a win with Paypal

    I recently read a fashion blog that said the colour for autumn/winter 2016 is White (which apparently is the perfect shade  as its not the normal autumn colors!)   This blogger also said that a white shoe would be super cool in the middle of winter (if worn the correct way, could even be hot)(now who doesn’t want to look sexy in winter?!) (see mentioned blog post here)


    So I thought this was the perfect advice, especially for me, as my wardrobe comprises  mostly of sportswear and sneakers.

    I followed this advice and believed I would look fantastic in a pair of White Fur Trim Boots (don’t judge!)

    Now, I know how long it takes for international items to reach SA, so I ordered them in time for Winter.

    Let’s stop for a second , so I can let you in on my Hidden Online-Shopping secret, it’s a gem of a site called  – Overstock.com . (a US site that I was introduced to by my sister, it stocks everything from shoes, fashion and even make-up . Best of all it ships to SA, and a US credit card is not needed as they accept Paypal payments)



    Proudly I told everyone about these “Hot” new boots that I’d purchased online.  However the reactions I got was not one of :

    “ Wow what a fashion find”  or “You are going to look trendy this winter”.

    It was more along the lines of:

    “ You’re not serious, why would you purchase white fury boots, especially to wear in winter in Cape Town” (for those of you who don’t know, rain is constant in the Mother City during winter)

    So,  after a sleepless night of worrying about how much I’d spent on these boots, stressing about the return policy as well as the costs of returning and paying for shipment ,  I did some research and saw that with Paypa,l if your purchase did not go as planned, they’d cover your shipping return , as long as the eligibility requirements are met.

    Asking for a refund under the Paypal refund service is so simple. Here are the easy steps!

    1. Fill out the online form found on PayPayl Refund site –  https://goo.gl/Kv7TbA

    2. Add your posting receipts and submit request within 14 days after returning your purchase.

    3. If accepted, your refund will appear in your PayPal account within 5 days.


    Now my shopping story had a happy ending but it gets even better for you- if you have a similar online shopping story, there’s a chance to win $500 each week with— PayPal Instagram contest:#paypalgotyoucovered

    Publish on Instagram a picture of the best, funniest or craziest thing you bought online & add #paypalgotyoucovered.

    The best one wins! Each week, the jury will choose the best pictures out of the popular ones, and the winner will get 500 USD.

    Share it with your friends, invite them to like your photo as this will increase your chance to win!

    See how much fun shopping online can be when Paypal has you covered!

    T & C’s for this fantastic competition