• Adding hope to the youth of SA

    I’ve often seen the ADDHOPE (http://goo.gl/OAp8H3) sign at my local KFC in Greenpoint (yes, my cheat meal is a twister). It asks for you to donate R2 to your final bill. However, I never paid the sign much attention until recently. (R2 seemed like such a small amount to donate and I always wondered what a difference it actually made.) I made a point of adding it to my recent order at KFC and noticed it is actually reflected on my till slip.


    I needed to know more, and see how far this R2 really goes? Then the Big question is: “Are the actual beneficiaries getting this money? “

    So this week I went to see what ADDHOPE is all about. I popped in at Afrika Tikkun one of the many beneficiaries of this campaign.


    The morning started with a tour of their incredible facilities which offers a holistic approach to childhood development. Through their Cradle to Career model, they support children from infancy into adulthood as well as employment to ensure that they become the next generation of productive South African citizens. I spent the morning at their State of the art Early Childhood Development center and was blown away. Their curriculum produces quality school ready children and each child each is given a meal daily.


    I arrived just before lunch time, and had some playtime with the energetic youngsters before their lunch time meal. We played a game of chase (I did all the chasing and was transported back to my childhood days). I then got called away to help in the kitchen, whilst the teachers gathered the kids around tables set in each classroom where lunch was served.


    Assisting in the kitchen was an eye opener, with three ladies making nutritious meals on a daily basis to ensure that the 220 youngsters in Arika Tikkuns early childhood development programme each get a proper meal. These are planned with a dietitian to ensure that each child gets a balanced meal.

    After enjoying lunch with these cutie-pies, it was time to say Goodbye and let the little ones take their afternoon naps.


    Over 7 000 youngsters are fed on a daily basis through South Africa with Afrika Tikkun, this is made possible through KFCs ADDHOPE Campaign. It’s not only Afrika Tikkun who benefit from your R2 donation, over 100 000 children are fed every day. Here are a list of all these Beneficiaries


    Next time you see the ADDHOPE sign at your nearest KFC, donate R2 or double it up . You can also donate via the ADDHOPE website -www.addhope.co.za . Your R2 does go towards the feeding a child from one of the 90 beneficiaries across the country.

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